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         Yuanyuan Wu





媛媛来自中 国北京,现居住加拿大。从小热爱歌唱的她从未停止将美丽的歌声带到她所去的每一个地方。她将亚洲和西方的音乐品质集 于一身, 传统与现代风格巧妙自然地结合,出色演绎出每一首歌曲原有的意境, 同时保留着她自己甜润柔美的特质。她与儿子鸣的和声委婉动听,为这些众所周知的歌曲增添了独特的魅力。









Welcome to the Homepage for Yuanyuan Wu. Enjoy her wonderful voice and the beautiful melodies she sings....!

Yuanyuan, Winner of the Olympia Music Award for Best Foreign Language-Pop Performance, sings her favorite songs and some hauntingly beautiful  duet's with her son, Michael, a talented young singer in his own right. Together their voices blend in a beautiful and unique way, bringing a special quality to these well known songs.

Originally from Beijing China, she moved to Canada and eventually to the United States. Yuanyuan incorporates many wonderful qualities from Asia & the West into her songs. She brings a modern, yet very traditional style to her music.

The songs are Produced, Arranged and Performed by American Producer, J.W. Robertson, who gives them a distinct western flavor, while maintaining the beautiful essence of their original Chinese heritage. A truly wonderful blend of Eastern & Western musical styles.

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